Avoid Vague Language

One of the things is you want to make sure that your conclusion of your paper which is your thesis is clear and simple enough for your reader to understand it here you have to always remember that your reader or may not be educated in what you’re talking about which means that you have to do you do need to gauge and write your essay according to who you anticipate to read it so for instance some things like for instance since I teach philosophy certain philosophy papers can have simple theses but that they’re easy for a philosopher understand but not necessarily easy for other people to understand so you need to make sure not only do you gauge your audience but then you write your and you explain your thesis in ways which are clear enough and at the level you need them to be for the readers to understand them. If you want to know more about argumentative essays, checkĀ Edusson.

So if you’re writing a if you’re a graduate student in philosophy and you’re writing a graduate paper on Descartes well there for instance there’s a lot of things in your conclusions and you and your essay that you probably don’t need to explicate because the readers are going to read it or also philosophers but if you’re an undergraduate student and you’re writing a philosophy paper or you’re writing about philosophy in your English class well there you need to make sure that things are simplified clarified and also importantly explained you need to use explanation here to your advantage right because know you’re gonna make a definite claim or proposal but you need to make sure that it’s conveyed and communicated in a way that’s rigorously clear so you want to be moving your language from vagueness to clarity murder what is something vagueness is actually an interesting topic in philosophy but vagueness refers to the idea of not knowing how a term is being related and where there’s one or two there’s ambiguity in terms of the possibilities for how a term can be used or an argument is being applied right.

So you want to practice getting away from vague language and moving towards clear language now one of the ways we can do this in practicing is you can find a claim that someone has made and then just practice by adding two more claims that help clarify that idea or proposal so for instance if someone says if someone makes the argument that marijuana should be legal in some circumstances okay okay that makes sense but how could we clarify it let’s just add two more clans and see if we can make this a little bit clearer so let’s say marijuana should be legal in some circumstances in / – I’m making this argument now in particular marijuana should be legalized in cases of medical need and number two marijuana should be legalized as legalized in cases where there is let’s say there’s a democratic support for its legalization right something like this.