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That’s fine let me just Essay checker plagiarism online double check that we have some vacancies okay yes we have quite a few vacancies now if you like I can show you some of your room options just feel free to look down at the screen right below and I’ll show you some examples of rooms that we have join now first let me show you are more modest accommodation now I feel below.

You can see I’m more modest accommodation only features a single bed just your basic amenities microwave mini-fridge all right shave something a little bit more upscale from that we also have a double king-sized room doesn’t have a living space but it does have a couch so if you are expecting other guests then the couch will be pullout bed so somebody can sleep there okay all right and next we that we have is a look down below have a small space yes it’s no TV or anything but just a small separate.

Room with a couple of couches if somebody would like to sleep in there a little bit more privacy look they look only a single bathroom all right that’s more long lines of what you’re looking all right sure but I can show you some of the larger Suites if you would like are just Suites are great for parties that if you are here to hotel party so let me show you a sweet hop it does have a TV two TVs Oh rooms come with a single TV but the next suite up from the one that you are.

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Interested in has two TVs and a more private bedroom as well as you can see it has a master bath as well as a smaller bathroom for other guests how does all right I can show you our next accommodation is our penthouse suite has a two bedrooms one is the master and the second one is this second one is the best bedroom which has two double beds in it you can see the two temple pads it also features a half kitchen which is stocked with a full complement of alcohols at additional charge of course but if you are wanting to have a party it.