What To Add To Research Paper

If you’ve got the space you know add a few more the other thing you might want to include in an abstract as a final sentence is the key message and this is what is this paper about and if you wanted someone to cite you on this paper what would there be say it so if you said this paper is about what do you want them to take away from your abstract or your paper so that’s something that is of an optional but it’s worth putting in there if you want to really strong abstract and it’s worth thinking about so given that abstracts are often very short and what I’ve just told you to put into the abstract can end up being quite long what can you cut if you need to cut and if you only have 250 words what are the most important elements so the most important elements are the research problem the purpose of the research the methodology methods materials procedures how you went about doing it the key findings and then that key message the other the implications or the key message what can be caps would be the knowledge gap the research questions a conceptual framework. Learn more about essential elements of research paper at Edusson.

But again it really depends on your discipline and it depends on the purpose of the abstract so the more space you have the more words words you can use I would encourage you to include all the components but if of course you only have you know a small amount of space then you need to make decisions about what to include and what to leave out and those decisions will be based on your discipline and what your discipline highlights as being important and you will find that out by reading abstracts in your discipline for you know for the particular type of genre so research article abstracts or conference abstracts okay just a few quick tips be bold in your opening scene but of course I’m saying this with caution because you may not be in a discipline where bold opening sentences are valued but of course you may so then you can but what I’m suggesting is that you want to make your opening sentence count.

If you can’t be bold at least be clear so that you’re conveying something and that will pull your reader in the other thing you want to have in the abstract is what’s new about your research and the significance of your research you really want the essence of it and you can’t have the details right so the other information that often goes along with abstracts would be titles the title is very important that’s often what attracts the reader or the conference goer and for titles you want to get a clear sense of the paper you know for titles you also want to have searchable keywords in the title that reflect what will happen in the paper if you can try and show your original contribution and judge your title on whether it’s represents the paper and attracts a reader other additional information that is often that is often asked for when you submit an abstract would be keywords.